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Hello and welcome to my page!

My name is Reza Hadi Mogavi (He/Him), a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Human-Computer Interaction Games Group (HCIGG) at the University of Waterloo. Here, I collaborate with Lennart E. Nacke (the HCI legend) on research into Human-Engaged Computing and Human-Centered Design, while also mentoring the next generation of HCI enthusiasts and experts.

Prior to joining UWaterloo, I earned my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) with acclamation from the world-class Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). During my time there, I was co-advised by Prof. Pan Hui and Prof. Xiaojuan Ma.

✨Similar to my peers in the field of HCI and CSCW, I approach my research with a strong sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. I am deeply invested in exploring innovative methods for human-computer interaction and collaborative work. A review of my research demonstrates a particular focus on understanding diverse user behaviors through a combination of computational analysis and qualitative research techniques. My overarching mission is to promote inclusivity and accessibility in digital interactions, ensuring that technology serves all individuals well, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.

✉️ Feel free to reach out to me at rhadimog[at]uwaterloo[dot]ca if you have any questions or would like to collaborate on a research project that is of mutual interest to both of us.

Miscellaneous Information:

👉 One of my all-time favorite anime films is Spirited Away. I have a deep passion for Asian culture and anime! 🙂🏯🍜🏮🌸🧧

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