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Honors and Awards

  1. The awardee of Lupina Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship from the University of Waterloo 🏆

  2. Recipient of the Best Paper Award at HCII 2023 🏆

  3. Recipient of the Professor Samuel Chanson Award for the best teaching assistant at HKUST 🏆

  4. Recipient of a generous scholarship from HKUST to pursue my Ph.D. degree at this university 🏆

  5. The awardee of the best national student reward from Iran's Ministry of Science and Technology 🏆

  6. Recipient of the Honorable Mention Paper Award at L@S 2022 🏆

  7. Recipient of the Methods Recognition Award at CSCW 2022 🏆

  8. Excellent Graduate in ASMU (first rank) 🏆

  9. Recipient of the Best IT Engineering Internship Award 🏆

  10. Recognized as a distinguished peer reviewer by the Journal of Computer in Human Behavior 🏆

  11. Recognized as an outstanding reviewer at CHI, ICWSM, and CSCW 🏆

  12. Finalist of the 3M thesis Competition at HKUST 🏆

  13. Recipient of the SIGCHI Gary Marsden Travel Award for CSCW 2021 🏆

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